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The most desired domain name extensions both generic and international are now available for you. Only choose the extension you desire and we will suggest the other available extensions. Protect your brand and idea by registering all the relevant domain names.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your domain mane is the first thing anyone sees when accessing your website. The first impression always counts, regardless of what your website does. Read through the Knowledge Base to receive answers to your questions or contact us for anything that requires further information.

What is a web domain name?
A web domain name is a text that is identified with a particular IP address pointing to a server. The domain name is used in the URL to identify a web page. You could say that a web domain is basically a virtual address.
For example, in the http://www.maghost.ro/ URL, the domain name is maghost.ro.
What does a domain name for life mean?
For domain names with the .ro extension, the registration is made indefinitely. That is only for the .ro extension, all other extensions for domain names have to be registered yearly.
There are many extensions available (TLD). Which one is best for me?
Depending on the geographic region the website is intended to cover, it is appropriate to obtain the domain name with the closest extension to it. For example, if your website targets Romanian users, you would choose the .ro extension; if your website targets international users, you would choose a .com extension. There are other criteria as well, but this is the main idea. Of course, you can always reserve more domain name extensions in order to secure your brand and idea, provided they are still available.
Whta happens if I made a wrong choice for the domain name?
It is important to be careful when choosing a domain name for registration. Once the payment is complete and the domain name is registered, this action is irreversible, therefore corrections are not permitted. This is not our own imposed rule, we are limited ourselves as well.
What is the cost of registering a web domain name?
Any domain name is subject to an annual maintenance tax ranging from 7.99 € to 79.99 € per year. The exception applies for Romania only, (.ro) extension, which, at least for the time being is payable once while being registered indefinitely.
How long is a domain name valid for?
You can register a domain name for a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years. Once the registration period is over, a renewal for the domain name is necessary or the domain name will expire. Once a domain name has expired, it goes into a waiting mode and can be redeemed within 30 days by paying a higher price than the regular registration price.

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