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There's life after .ro and .com. There are hundreds of available extensions, and their number is periodically increasing, with new options being added. Check them, we keep them updated here!

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Everything under One Name. Good!

The domain gathers all your activity under one name. The website, email addresses, and everything you have online are the reasons people recognize you.


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Automatic, Every Day, Two Different Regions. We Back Up Everything, Which Can Be Restored with a Single Click.


Useful Tips with Even More Useful Benefits

The most searched domain extensions, generic and international, now respond to your search. Choose only the extension you want to buy, and we'll suggest available options.

Easy to Remember

Although not simple, our recommendation is to take heed of this advice.

Act Now

Found perfection? Don't wait until tomorrow; your perfection might be someone else's as well.

Easy to Remember

Although not simple, our recommendation is to take heed of this advice.







Generate Names with Inteli.Gent

Inteli.Gent is so intelligent that it generates original domain name suggestions for you, checking availability as well. Give it time; the results will be worth it!

Green, in Visual and Virtual Identity

We impact the present with lightning-fast web solutions, but also the future through responsible actions that limit the carbon footprint on the environment where we conduct business and live harmoniously.

Powering Our Data Center with Over 40% Green Energy

A percentage we aim to double in the next 2 years through investments in photovoltaic parks and battery storage systems.

To Be Complete as a Person, You Must Plant a Tree. Buy Hosting from Maghost and Check Off the Action.

This summer, we will finalize the strategy and collaboration protocol with a significant association in this sector. Stay connected, stay green.

Trust, a valuable virtue that we honor and thank our customers for providing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Domains

The domain name is the first thing people see when they access your website. And first impressions count, no matter what your website does. Read the answers to the questions you have, or don't, and get advice.

  • A domain name is text that identifies with a specific IP address that points to a server. The domain name is used in the URL to identify a web page. It can also be said that a domain name is a virtual address.
    For example, in the URL http://www.maghost.ro/, the domain name is maghost.ro.

  • Depending on the geographical area your website is targeting, it's good to reserve the domain with the closest extension. For example, if your site refers to the Romanian market, choose the .ro extension; if it refers to the international market, reserve .com. There are other criteria, but keep it logical. And of course, you can reserve multiple extensions if you find them available to protect your image.

  • Extra attention is required when registering a domain name. Once you have made the payment and the domain has been registered, the operation becomes irreversible, and corrections are not allowed. And this is not a rule imposed by us; we are also limited in this regard.

  • Every domain name is subject to an annual maintenance fee ranging from €7.99 to €79.99 per year. An exception is made for the Romania (.ro) extension, which, at least for now, is paid only once, with registration being indefinite.

  • You can register a domain for a minimum period of 1 year and a maximum of 10. After the selected registration period expires, renewal is necessary, otherwise it will expire. Once expired, the domain enters a waiting state, and for a period of 30 days, you can redeem it for a higher price than the registration fee.